๐Ÿ’กFlipGuard Overview

FlipGuard is an infrastructure and tooling provider on Polygon, attached to a social dashboard, bringing a gamified experience to our ecosystem of products.

Core Team

@stilldegen: Cyber Sec background, start-up founder, and developer. @Authority_Null: Web 3.0 Infrastructure background, community guy, and creative. @boaven: Executor of visions - boaven is a talented and passionate developer bringing our dreams to life. @PoeticMath: An IRL entrepreneur his entire professional career (20+ years) - Poet brings the experience and knowledge of scaling several multi million dollar businesses to FlipGuard, ensuring our growth is sustainable and efficient. @NdrPxl: Developer, 15+ years of experience as a programmer, developer, and small business partner. @0xGingi: FlipMMO developer.

Brief History

We initially set ourselves up as a security-focused project through and through, but quickly realized that, in order to sustain our core community and interest from the overall NFT/Crypto market, we needed to pivot. While we still have plans to return to our security protocol initiative, FlipGuard now acts as a hub for builders, education and experimentation. We're not afraid to build, release, scrap, build, release, scrap, build, release until we find something people like. We build useful tools and applications on Polygon for both the niche and larger NFT/crypto markets.

What FlipGuard Offers

FlipGuard offers a one-stop shop for Crypto/NFT enthusiasts looking for tools, games, and other useful applications to boost community engagement and generate alternative revenue streams. Check out our website for a broader overview.

FlipGuard Dashboard

The dashboard is FlipGuards hub, where Crypto/NFT enthusiasts and founders can access paid and free modules like sweeping contests, listings and sales trackers, alert bots, rarity bots, sniper bots, Web 3 enabled games, and more.

Our dashboard features a fully-fledged profile and leveling system - A social front end to power our ecosystem of tooling. Everything we offer ties into our profile system, creating an incredibly dynamic, simple-to-use, and blazing-fast ecosystem.


FlipSuite is a unique offering of free, high end bots, games and utilities built on top of our custom payment protocol, account abstraction layer, and profile system.

๐Ÿ—ƒ๏ธpageFlipSuite - Web 3.0 in Discord
โš”๏ธpageBattleGround (Free)๐Ÿ”pageRaiding (Paid)๐ŸงนpageSweep Contests (Paid)๐ŸŽฏpageSniping Bots (Paid)

Discord Payment Protocol

With our discord payment system for Polygon, we offer a streamlined connection between Web 3 and your Discord server.

๐Ÿ’ฐpagePayment System Overview


Lead your server guild to victory with the ultimate RPG Discord MMO.

๐ŸŽชpageFlipMMO โ€“ The Global Discord Multiplayer RPG!

Build With FlipGuard's Custom NFT-Centric Language - Fluff

Our talented developer, boaven, designed a language for building fully custom bots and extensions. In the future, we plan to extend this language to allow for a much larger use case.

๐ŸฑpageFluff - A Custom Mini-Language for Web 3.0๐ŸงฉpageExtensions


FlipGuard is an infrastructure and tooling provider on Polygon, built by a team of Web 3.0 diehards who genuinely care about the future of Web 3.0, not just the future of NFTs. We bring a versatile background to the table, capable of building infrastructure, tooling, smart contracts, games, and more. Join the community today: https://discord.gg/flipguard

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