๐Ÿ›’Module - RoleShop (Free)

The FlipSuite shop module allows a project to setup a Web3 shop within Discord where project members can use their FlipWallet to purchase items.

Before you do anything...

Make sure you've completed the necessary steps:

๐ŸงฑpageSetting up FlipSuite Modules

Setting your Shop name

On the dashboard, click on the "Shops" tab then click "ADD SHOP" to name your Shop and then provide a Shop Description. The Shop Name will appear in Discord (more info below).

Once you have your Shop configured, click "SAVE".

Setting up your recipient wallet

Click on the "Wallets" tab, select the payment chain and input the public address where you would like to receive funds from shop purchases.

Once you have a wallet configured, click "SAVE".

Creating shop items

Click on the "Items" tab then click the + to add an item.

  • Name & Description - Give your item a name and description that will appear in the shop.

  • Item Type - Select the type of item for sale in the drop down list. Currently, only Discord Roles can be purchased, but other options are planned. You can use purchased roles to gate certain channels for giveaways or BattleGround competitions (which could for instance auto-award NFT prizes).

  • Role ID - You will need to create the role in Discord and then copy the Role ID by right clicking or long pressing on a role in a profile or in the Server role settings.

  • Duration - You can designate how long the user retains the purchased role.

  • Price - Set the Token type and amount.

  • Burn tokens on purchase - You can set the funds to be burned instead of sent to the receiving wallet.

  • Quantity left - How many of the items can be purchased.

Once you're happy with the item, click "ADD".

Remember that the FlipSuite bot will need to be above all roles in the Discord server settings that you wish to be purchasable.

You can add as many items as you'd like.

Once you have your items configured, click "SAVE".

Setting up the shop in Discord

With your shop configured in the Dashboard you will now need to set up two channels in your Discord server.

  1. Create a private channel for you Discord Team or Admin and make sure that FlipSuite can interact with that channel. Then type /shop notifications set and choose your teams private channel.

  1. Create a second channel with permissions set for your users to view your shop but not post messages. In that channel type /shop pin to pin the shop in this channel.

Users can now interact with your Discord Shop using their FlipWallet.

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