๐Ÿ‘ฅAdding Team Members

Setup Guide

Team Member Permissions

Various modules and bots under the FlipGuard umbrella allow for the initial user to designate team members who can alter or update the product. Users can create multiple teams and assign them to different products. Only the team creator can delete teams or remove team members.

Creating a Team

  1. Click "Create Team".

  2. Name the team and click "Add".

  3. Enter a desired team member's Discord ID and click "ADD MEMBER".

  4. Don't forget to click "Save" when finished.

Reminder: A user's Discord ID can be found on desktop by right-clicking on their PFP/User name and selecting "Copy User ID" or on mobile by long pressing the PFP/User name, selecting the three horizontal dots, and selecting "Copy User ID".

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