đŸ“ĨDepositing & Withdrawing

FlipSuite is now Multi-Chain! Supported Chains/Tokens

Depositing (Polygon Example)

You'll need to deposit some $MATIC (for Polygon) to your FlipWallet for gas fees and can use the methods below to deposit any supported token.

  1. View your server wallet address and copy it on mobile via /flipwallet. Then send $Matic or other tokens to that address from your own wallets.

  2. Use /deposit to to view a QR code with your deposit address. Then send $Matic or other tokens to that address from your own wallets.

Be sure to double check that coins/tokens that you are depositing are supported by FlipSuite! Supported Chains/Tokens


Use /balance <chain> to check your balance for supported chains.


Withdrawing tokens and NFTs from your server wallet is a simple process.

  1. To withdraw tokens, type /withdraw.

  2. To withdraw NFTs type /withdraw-nft.

You can also set a default withdrawal address, to avoid mistakenly withdrawing to an incorrect address, with /set-withdrawal-wallet.

Unsupported Tokens

Coins that are not available in the FlipSuite dropdown list can still be withdrawn using /withdraw-any.

You will need to know the chain and contract address of the token you would like to withdraw.

For example, you might have a token on the Polygon chain that is not supported.

  • First check your FlipWallet address (found via /flipwallet) on https://polygonscan.com/ or the equivalent site for the desired chain.

  • Click on the TOKEN HOLDINGS (or equivalent) drop down to see held tokens.

  • Click on the desired token to go to that tokens page.

  • Copy the TOKEN CONTRACT address.

  • Paste the address into the /withdraw-any command.

  • Finally set the amount to withdraw and the withdrawl address.

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