đŸŽ¯Sniping Bots (Paid)

Setup Guide


1. Burner creation

Before creating your bot you need to create a burner, which is a wallet your bot will use to send snipe transactions and auto-buy NFTs. You can learn how to create one here:


Using your own burner (not some wallet pre-generated by us) makes it easy for you to access your funds even if our website goes down for some reason. This way your funds will never be held hostage and you can always access them at will. Although:

You should never send any transactions from your burner wallet manually while it's used in an active sniping bot as it may cause your bot to stop working due to duplicated nonces!

2. Purchasing the sniping bot

Go to https://dashboard.flipguard.xyz/shop/individual and select a sniping bot subscription.

Once purchased, begin configuring by going to the "Tools" tab, selecting "Sniper Bots" and clicking "CREATE SNIPING BOT".

3. Setup

First of all, you need to enter the address of the collection you want to snipe and the name of your bot:

Next, probably the most important thing in your bot are filters. They tell your bot what to snipe and for what price. You can add filters by clicking the "Add Filter" button:

Every filter consists of conditions. You can create as many filters you want - your bot will be triggered only if all conditions from at least one filter are met.

Although you can add as many filters as you want, the power cost of your bot increases (with the base power cost of 1) for every 10 conditions you add. For example:

FiltersTotal conditionsAdditional power costTotal power cost

3 filters with 3 conditions each


5 filters with 2 conditions each


6 filters with 2 conditions each


It's recommended that every filter you create should contain a price condition - otherwise you bot may end up sniping some NFTs for a price you don't necessary want to pay.

In the example above - sniping bot will be triggered only if one of the below statements are true: 1. Token rank is lower or equal to 300 and price is below or equal to 300 MATIC 2. Head trait is equal to "Golden" and price is below or equal to 120 MATIC 3. Helmet trait is equal to "Rappid2" or "Enol" and price is below or equal to 130 MATIC

4. Choosing burner

The next step is choosing a burner to snipe from. You just need to select one of your burners from the list.

You can use a single burner in multiple sniping bots simultaneously

5. Bot settings

The last step is configuring your sniping bot settings. You can decide to send sniped NFT to another wallet (your primary one for example) once it's sniped and use custom gas settings.

Once you've done all the steps above you're ready to snipe. If everything went well you should now see your sniping bot waiting to be activated:

Now just click the start button and start sniping:

Congratulations! Your sniping should now autobuy NFTs for you.

6. Customization

You can customize your sniping bot if you need more complex configurations. Select the three vertical dots and click "Convert" to convert to a custom bot. See Custom Bots for more details.

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