Learn how to create a burner

NOTE: A burner wallet is NOT your main wallet. This should be a fresh wallet/wallet account created by you for use on FlipGuard's dashboard only.

What's a burner wallet?

In simple terms - a burner is just a temporary wallet. On FlipGuard's dashboard, you're able to input the private key of a burner wallet and link it to certain bots to automate transactions for you. Navigate to the burner section of the dashboard to begin:

How do I create a burner wallet?

This will vary depending on which wallet provider you use, but in this case, we'll use MetaMask as an example.

All you need to do in MetaMask is create a new account and name it something you'll remember, like "FlipGuard burner", or "sniping burner".

NOTE: It is crucial that you do not execute any transactions from the burner wallet account while it is in use in an active bot as it could cause the bot to stop working. This is a set-it-and-forget-it wallet, and if you need to transact from it, pause the bot it's linked to first.

Next, you'll need the private key of your burner so you can paste it into the configuration page on FlipGuard's dashboard. To copy the PK in MetaMask click the 3 verticle dots next to the newly created account and choose "Account Details". Click "Show private key" and copy it.

A private key only grants access to a single account, compared to a seed phrase that grants access to your whole wallet.

Final steps

Now that you have your private key, all you need to do is paste it into the configuration window on the dashboard. Once that's done, click "SAVE" and that's it!

Fund the burner wallet and begin using it in bots like FlipGuards auto-buying sniper:

đŸŽ¯Sniping Bots (Paid)

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