๐ŸŽญModule - TokenGating (Free)

Token Gating allows the project to assign Discord Roles based on the balance a users holds of supported tokens (NFTs and/or coins).

Before you do anything...

Make sure you've completed the necessary steps:

Setting up TokenGating

On the dashboard, click "ADD TOKEN GATING RULE", give the rule a name, and select the desired chain. If you have multiple teams, be sure to select the proper team in the lower left pulldown.

Fill our the contract address of the token, token standard, and the name of the token. You can also choose to include the users FlipWallet in the verification as well as a tokens in a staking contract.

Adding Roles

You will need to first add the desired roles in your Discord Server.

Remember that the FlipSuite bot will need to be above all roles in the Discord server settings that you wish to be gated.

In the dashboard click on the + sign to add a role.

On web or desktop Discord copy the Role ID by right clicking on a role in a user profile or in the Server role settings.

On mobile Discord, you will first need to turn on developer mode (link) then long press on a role in a user profile to copy.

Set the required balance of the token to hold (in the example above this is set to DEGENS) in order to receive the role.

Remember that you can press the + button to add as many roles as you like each with a different required balance.

Once you're happy with the role, click "ADD".

Once you have your roles configured, click "SAVE".

Discord Settings

You will need to set up a channel in Discord where your users have permission to view the channel (you will want to turn off send message). Run /tg pin to pin the FlipSuite Asset Verification instructions for your users.

Use /tg refresh to refresh user roles. Currently this has to be done manually.

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