๐ŸงฑSetting up FlipSuite Modules

Modules are like lego blocks, designed to be plugged into FlipSuite and used to create incredibly dynamic and advanced reward/revenue systems directly in Discord.

Invite FlipSuite to your server

If FlipSuite isn't in your server yet, invite it here.

Connecting the dashboard to your server

Since modules require dashboard configuration, you'll need to sync the dashboard with your server.

Note: Keep in mind that whomever syncs the server will be the primary owner. See the Adding Team Members section to set team permissions.

Syncing your server is easy, just follow these steps:

  1. Login to FlipGuard's dashboard and go to the FlipSuite configuration section.


  3. Copy the ID.

Note: You only need 1 config per server.

  1. Go to your server and paste the ID into the /connect-config command.\

If all went well, you should see a success message after pressing enter. Now we can move on to setting up modules!

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