๐Ÿช™$DEGENS Utility Token

$DEGENS is FlipGuard's experimental on-chain utility token.

$DEGENS is a utility token that derives value from FlipGuard community initiatives.

With the power of our Discord payment system, $DEGENS can be tied to gated events, large giveaways, and even the first-person shooter, Worldwide Elimination Network (WEN), currently under development. The original FlipGuard utility token was called $DGS. $DGS had no pre-sale and was dropped to FlipGuard community members who participated in specific events.

The first proof of concept for $DGS's use case occurred on 8/6/23. FlipGuard hosted a gated Rumble Royal event (NFT prize), with a buy-in of 2,000 $DGS and saw increased swaps from $MATIC to $DGS. On Dec. 5, 2023 a potential exploit was discovered for many tokens that were created using tools by ThirdWeb, including $DGS. Within an hour the FlipGuard team released an updated token called $DEGENS that was dropped 1 to 1 to all addresses holding $DGS. All utilities that interacted with $DGS were converted to use the new $DEGENS token.

Combining the smooth flow of our payment system with $DEGENS has proven to be an effective way to add value to the token, all within Discord.

Initial Distribution Breakdown -

Total Supply - 42,000,000 FlipTreasury holds 30,000,000 (FlipDAO members will vote on how these funds are used / distributed) $DEGENS Uniswap Pool holds 5,000,000 FlipRewards holds 2,000,000 FlipRumble holds 1,110,000 Total $DEGENS Burnt = 175,000+ (Fee's from FlipSuite) Remaining is held by the community Contract Address: 0x4E398eA978Ef8a38D7B833b1D23922e3ED86C7C0

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