$DEGENS tokenomics are a WIP.


  • No pre-sale โœ….

  • Stealth dropped to community members who participated in FlipGuard events โœ….

  • 42,000,000 Total capped supply โœ….

  • 5,000,000 stored in FlipGuard's rewards vault, for dropping to users with a .flipguard.wallet domain โœ….

  • 400,000 stored in the Rumble Royal vault โœ….

  • Users can mine $DEGENS by playing and winning Rumble matches โœ….

  • 30,000,000 stored in a multi-sig treasury vault โœ….

  • $DEGENS owner wallet and minting functions are set to a burn address, meaning nothing can ever be altered on the token โœ….

Coming Soon

  • FlipDAO - Vote on how to distribute treasury funds.

  • Staking - Earn $DEGENS by staking your holdings.

More to come for $DEGENS.

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