๐ŸŽฎWorldwide Elimination Network (WEN)

Worldwide Elimination Network (WEN) is an upcoming Web 3.0 Arena style First Person Shooter (FPS) being developed by FlipGuard.

The main problem we found with current Web 3.0 gaming is the friction in which blockchain is attached - We are building WEN leveraging the Emergence SDK which allows us to trim away any unnecessary blockchain functions and remove friction when playing a Web 3.0 enabled game.

Currently in our early testing stages - We have released private play tests to our community with feedback and development focus towards gameplay, weapon balancing, map design and ultimately developing a game that is "fun".

Our team consists of seasoned gamers who started their journey back in the days of Quake, Doom and Unreal Tournament - WEN is being developed around the core pillars set forth within arena style FPS games instead of pushing towards "grinding" for an unfair advantages.

You will not be able to purchase any upgrades / attachments or items that give a player unfair P2W advantages.

The Web 3.0 side of WEN entails cosmetic unlocks (Partnered NFT Collection cosmetics) and an emphasis towards DAO vs DAO style base development / battles.

We are building a community first Web 3.0 battleground - Rep your collection / DAO and put your skills to the test.

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