๐Ÿ’ŽRarity Discord Bot (Free)

Showcase NFT rarity information directly on your Discord server

Getting started

Our rarity bot allows you to display rarity information about NFTs from all collections that we support in FlipGuard directly in your server, and it's free to use by anyone!


Click here to add the bot to your server. The only permission that the bot needs is "Send messages".


Once the bot is added to your server it can be used straight-away without any special configuration by using the "/rarity" command and specifying a collection address and ID of the NFT to display rarity information about:

If the given collection is supported by us (i.e. we have its metadata indexed) it will display rarity information about the NFT with given ID out of the box. This is a great way to verify if a collection is supported, but ideally you'd want to use "/set-alias" or "/set-default-collection" to configure your bot and make its usage as easy as possible for your community.


By using "/set-alias" command you can create an alias for a collection address:

Once the alias is set you can reference the collection via alias instead of typing the full address every single time you want to display the rarity of some NFT from that collection:

It's the recommended approach if you want to display rarity of more than 1 collection in a single channel, as you can add as many aliases for a single channel as you want.

Default collection

The "/set-default-collection" command allows you to set the default collection address for the channel:

If default collection is set you don't need to specify any collection address or alias at all. If it's omitted the default collection address will be used.

It's the recommended approach if you want to display rarity of just a single collection in a single channel.


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