๐ŸงนSweep Contests (Paid)

Setup Guide

You need an active sweep contest subscription to run. https://dashboard.flipguard.xyz/shop


1. Essential information

First of all enter the name of your sweep contest and some description.

2. Sweep contest type

Score for each wallet taking part in the sweep contest will be calculated differently based on what's the type of the sweep contest. You can choose from 2 sweep contest types:

  1. Quantity based - score on the leaderboard is calculated based on the number of bought NFTs

  2. Volume based - score is equal to generated volume

3. Tracked collections

To add a collection to your sweep contest you'll need to input its contract address and (optionally) number of entries the buyer gets on purchase if it's a quantity based sweep contest.

4. Duration

Now you need to choose duration for your sweep contest. The only limitations for duration are:

  • It cannot start before 1st August 2023

  • It cannot be longer than a month

Shown time is in your local timezone. You can get UTC timestamps for start and end time from the sweep contests table once you create it.

Feel free to choose a timeframe that's partially (or even entirely) in the past. Leaderboard will be populated and winners will be chosen based on the historical data.

Great thing for doing surprise snapshots and reward some random/top buyers!

5. Winner groups

Winner groups define how winners of the sweep contest are selected. You can choose from 2 different winner picking strategies:

  1. Randomized - winners will be selected randomly based on their score in the leaderboard

  2. Best score - winners will be selected based on their position in the leaderboard

Below are example winner groups we should create for a description we provided at #1.-essential-information section:

Every winner group will have its own leaderboard on the sweep contest view

6. Settings

You can enable some options in your sweep contest settings if you want to:

  1. Public leaderboard - it will make sweep contest visible by anyone with a link

  2. Sweep & Hold mode - in this mode participants lose (partially) their leaderboard score if they sell NFTs they bought during a sweep contest

  3. Wash trading protection - every suspicious activity will be marked and you will be able to decide whether to block specific wallets/sales from the sweep contest or not

7. Sweep contest view

Once you've created and run your sweep contest you can enter its leaderboard view by choosing a leaderboard option from the actions menu:

Here's how the leaderboard and sales feed look like (from the admin's pov):

Once winners are picked that's how the leaderboard looks like:

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